Anonymous said: This guy and u had a thing for a while and liked each other and he all of a sudden harshly broke it off should I hook up with him

I assume that you mean This guy and I had a thing?I don’t think that it would be for the best to hook up with him.

— Kurt

Anonymous said: For the past 2 months, me and hottest/popular guy at my school have been hooking up, i like him and i don't know what to do. usually he's a major dick to everyone (including me) and then suddenly he acts like this huge gentlemen, taking me out to nice dinners and buying me things. He's into drugs like cocaine and ecstasy and last week he got drunk and came to my house crying about how he's in love with me but doesn't want anyone to know (Im a lot younger than him). Should i tell him i like him?

Let him know that you like him, not every relationship needs to be out in the public, that’s something people can do when they feel comfortable should they want for other people to be knowing about the things that are going on.


Anonymous said: Hey guys! Married to a super tall guy (6'5'') who has a bieber cut. It was cute and all years ago but now he looks like a tall child. He has a big forehead and wants me to style it...what can change it to?

As a tall guy myself (6’7”) I feel as though the best thing to do is grow it out a little more to a good, but not over the top length, then let him decide what he’s interested in.

— Kurt

Hey guys just a heads up that I am back on the Advice blog. My account actually got removed for inappropriate content. I was in a really dark place at the time, and posted some things that I shouldn’t have.

Anyway, I’m back and that’s all that’s important!

Anonymous said: this is not any self harm message.. and I feel even more stupid about that.. because you probably think I am just fucking stupid.. I feel so useless like whenever I'm out I speak too much and I disappoint them all.. like no one cares.. I feel like I do it all wrong and I just can't deal with my self.. I'm the stupid stupid stupid girl our there who.. who always says too much and can't shut it..

Just because you talk a lot doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing. There’s a lot of shy people that you’ve more than likely to have encountered at some point that really wish that they had the confidence that you have to be able to talk to people. Just think about what you’re going to say, and ask if it’s either relevant or necessary to be said, before you say something.

— Kurt

Anonymous said: Hi

Hello :).

— Kurt

I want my penis cut off by a woman.

I want a woman to cut off my penis. She would have to hold nothing back and have the stomach when she dose it. She can keep it and do whatever she wants to it as long as it’s off my body. Whatever woman dose it trust me she would be doing all women a favor sense I like to expose myself to women. So if any woman would like to step up and do this for me let me know I’m sure that woman would make all the women that I’ve exposed myself to very happy.

— I feel as though you’ve got some real demons inside. This feelings aren’t normal, chances are that you’re a young person. You’re full of hormones like every other young person. I feel as though you may well have some sort of mental health problem, or something inside that’s making you feel this way. It might be worth going to a doctor, and trying to get a referral to a mental health professional. 

Please don’t feel as though you need to have something like this done to you, just because you’ve messed up in the past. We all do it. You’re human.

— Kurt

Stay safe.

Anonymous said: Hi I take french in school but i hate it so much and want to switch to Greek. When I told my mom that she called me stupid (since she likes French) and so I decided to stick with French even though it makes me miserable. I just got back from a camp where I studied Greek for three weeks and I want to switch again. Should I go for it? I don't want my mom to get mad at me or hate me

If you feel as though you can learn more than one language at a time then do that instead? Surely two languages would look a lot better for you than just one. If you struggle to learn it inside of School, use software such as Rosetta Stone.

— Kurt

Anonymous said: I'm being sexually hereased by a boy who's pravtically my family. I am so scared that he won't do something to me like rape me. I'm so scared! I told my older sister and she think he's only playing with me like making a joke, but I don't think so. I hate seeing him, but his mother is my godmother and neighbours too. He goes to the same school as I do and he always comes up to me and starts hugging and kissing me. I just wanna cry!

If he’s doing at school, then you could tell one of your teachers, or the head teacher about what’s going on - tell them how you’re feeling and they’ll be able to come to a good understanding of the situation as well as what they should do next.

— Kurt

Anonymous said: he used a pick up line on me but then later he told his friends that we're just friends? what does this mean?

He could just be flirting? Try not to over think things like this people do it all the time.

— Kurt