Anonymous asked: My friends boyfriend asked me out and I of course said no but should I tell my friend?

Damn right you should tell her. If he’s fishing for other girls. Wouldn’t you want someone to tell you.


Anonymous asked: So I just got accepted into college and Im really excited about it but at the same time sad/confused and anxious. I'll be leaving to a different country so I'll be leaving my family and boyfriend. I started breaking down and crying and I keep telling myself that I will have to leave at some point and even if I stayed home, my boyfriend would be leaving for college in another country as well Now even thinking about it makes me teary and I feel like I cant control my feelings. Help.

Moving is scary but it has a world of possibilities. If you don’t go, you’ll regret it for ages I promise you. There is always skype and phonecalls and photos. You aren’t going forever and time goes quicker than you think.


Anonymous asked: I don't know how I feel all I know is that every day for a few hours I'm so happy I have to do jumping jacks to calm down and then a few hours later I'm so angry I make myself shake. And in between it all my thoughts are racing so fast I don't even know what I'm thinking about. If I'm not happy or angry I just feel empt. I just don't know what to do because the constant up and downs are too hard to deal with :'(

If you feel like you can’t get any sort of balance seeking professional help may be a good idea. You may just have a hormone imbalance or thyroid problem. If you feel that’s too scary, try assessing the situations you find yourself in. Why are you so down? What’s caused this emotion. 


dwarfwars asked: Today my family and I found out my brother has been doing heroin for at least 2 years. I've been crying all day and I just need someone to talk to. He's stopped talking to all of us, but when I told him that I'd been crying bc I was worried about him, he told me he was ok. I can't stop crying whenever I think about this. I don't know if you guys are the people to talk to, but I was hoping that if you couldn't help, you'd know someone who could. I'm just so scared and idk what to do.

I think that the best thing you and your family can try and do is get him some sort of rehabilitation help. I know this answer is coming to you a bit late but better late than never. I’ve never experience anyone with a drug problem and can’t really say any better than that.


Anonymous asked: I recently broke up with my boyfriend and now he's texting a girl that i know, we all go to the same swimming club. She stares at me and smirks at me if she's talking to him. I told him that he can do what he wants and i've made sure i'm not involved with what's going on between them. But this girl just keeps digging at me... she asked one of my friends if im annoyed with her, when i haven't seen her or given her that impression. She tries to rub it in my face. What should I do?

Just stay out of it. Girls can be bloody terrible. You’ve moved on, why can’t they.


Anonymous asked: i feel bad because i told my "best friend" that my dad was dead and she didn't reply. I know i've been rude because she was focus on her problems and i was 'eh, you're not alone. the world has problems too. look at me, my dad is dead and you don't care!' i know i've been little rude with her but i don't know.. why didn't she reply? it has been a week since i told her. i don't know what to do... and sorry, my english isn't very good

People don’t always know what to say when people die. If she’s got her own issues she may not have been able to cope and you can’t blame her for that. Maybe ask her why she hasn’t replied and ask her what she’s going through. You can always help each other


Anonymous asked: I have a lump which is beng monitored by the doctors - it's probably nothing but I really want it to be dangerous. I want it to be bad for me. My boyfriend broke up with me because I wasn't loving enough (when I love him more than anything), and I want to be able to blame something else, to say it was this illness making me that way. I want to die with people not blaming me for how I was acting, which is what would happen if I committed. What's wrong with me...

Please do not wish cancer or any illness on yourself. You may think that people don’t like you but I bet you’re wrong. There will be other friends, boyfriends and relationships in your life. Your parents would be devastated and your future would be over. Death is permenant. 


Anonymous asked: 2/2 He keeps me company. He just makes me feel really bad sometimes and i don't know how to insult him. I don't want to be mean back but its just un fair. He excludes me out of our "group" sometimes when we are with other friends and im often the third wheel. My others friends don't really contact me as much and i miss them and really need company at this time of my life. I feel back because i dont want to be his friend anymore but i still kind of do. Help pls

It may not seem like it but this can be the start of domestic violence. If you were friends with yourself what would you say to that friend? You’d tell them that they’re better than being friends with him and putting up with that abuse. You can be perfectly happy on your own, please don’t go back.


Anonymous asked: I need help on how to deal with my "friend." He can be fun to hang out with but he take it to far. He is snarky and calls me an idiot, yells at me, amd points out flaws. He treats me like crap but if i treat him like crap back im the bad guy. He has heart problems and he has a sick family. He has no friends and guilts me into staying in a relationship with him. The thing is i have few friends and he hangs out with me a lot and my other friends hang out with him. 1/2 thanks


Anonymous asked: Ever since my mother passed 2 years ago, I've gotten really bad anxiety in public. I get out of breath, I struggle to speak and feel faint when I am around new people or in places I am not familiar with: mostly I stay in my room and watch TV when I used to be confident and outgoing. How can I regain my confidence and lessen this feeling/my anxiety around people? I'm 18 next month and I'm not going to get very far if I find it difficult even answering a phone.

Seeking professional help may be the best idea. I know how grief can affect people in strange ways. 

Just keep trying, remind yourself that these things can’t hurt you, answering the phone can’t hurt you. Anxiety is a really hard thing to help but it can be helped.